Join the team at MyTechLiving!

Join the team at MyTechLiving!

That's right, we're looking for help!

We’re looking for a couple of driven content creators, IT enthusiasts, Automotive enthusiasts, gamers, and all around good people to help expand and build MyTechLiving. If this sounds like you, Read On!

Expanding the business

MyTechLiving, LLC was established in late 2015 and was officially founded in early 2016. Since then it has been run by me, and pretty much only me. That’s about to change.  As an entrepreneur, and as father and husband, and working a full time job, work still needs to get done. That may entail more work upfront, but the return of building a team will be threefold.

What does this mean?

MyTechLiving, LLC has many moving parts ranging from Content Creation to Web Design and hosting, and lastly, IT Consulting, Installation, Configuration and continued support. While MTL is currently in a bit of a hiatus, because, Well, i’m only one person with a lot going on. I want to move things to the “Next Level”(Whatever that entails).

What kind of work?

Media & Content Creation

MyTechLiving, LLC currently has three active YouTube channels along with an Instagram, Twitter, blog, and web forum. All of these are open for content publishing, and all of these have growth potential and the ability to earn revenue.

Web Design & Hosting

We have the ability to build and host customer websites. Depending on exactly what a customer wants, we are able to build from scratch, or use a CMS/Portal based back-end such as WordPress to meet their needs.

IT Consulting, Installation, Configuration, and Systems Administration.

This one is a little more specialized and really depends on what each person is familiar and comfortable with; everything from simple laptop/desktop configuration and repair, to installing and configuring an entire small business/enterprise network and all related systems are possibilities. 

Mobile Developement

A new addition to our repertoire is mobile app development. Currently this is limited to Android, but with the addition of a team, this could further expand to all available and accessible mobile platforms.

So Much More!

New team members will undoubtedly bring with then new skill-sets. MyTechLiving, LLC wants to embrace these skills. Not only do we want to help you and other team members grow, but also to provide current or potential clients with fun, new and interesting services never before offered.

Are you interested?

Do any of these things interest you? If you’re even a bit curious, want to make a little bit of money on the side doing what you love, or are looking for something new and fun, head over to the careers section and submit your information!

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