Mazda AIO Tweak Tool & Android Auto

Mazda AIO Tweak Tool & Android Auto

Mazda AIO and Android Auto​

While Android Auto has never been offered as an option for Mazda vehicles, it doesn’t mean we have to go without. Thanks to a very eager group of developers, we now have the ability to install Android Auto in a number of Mazda Vehicles. Thanks to the openness of the Mazda CMU, it’s as easy as placing a few files onto a thumbstick and waiting for the magic to happen. 
Even though we now have the option to install Android Auto, it isn’t without it’s issues. Because this is an unofficial Android Auto build, and it is not sponsored, nor supported by Mazda, this software is on a strictly As-Is basis and is provided free of charge for anyone/everyone to install. Because it is unofficial, it is not without bugs, some of which could prevent you from wanting to even install it. 

We can’t stress enough to do your research and ensure you are well versed in the installation and uninstall of all modifications that can be done as it’s not without risk. 
Happy Modding, and I hope you enjoy Android Auto in your Mazda.

About a year ago I released two videos showcasing the installation process of Android Auto in your Mazda. To my surprise those videos received a lot of traffic, and a surprising amount of people were interested in installing it in their car. Unfortunately the installation process wasn’t easy, nor particularly safe, and it was easy to make a mistake that would render your cars infotainment center useless, or effectively a brick.
But, time has passed, a lot of development has been done, and the installation process has become substantially easier, and much more safe! So, to aid in the installation process, I have created a new How-To video showing how to do it. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the video, or email with any questions.

Installation Files​

The following files have been developed by Trezdog44(Trevor G Martin), in accordance with “Trevelopment”. All files are free of charge as originally provided and can be downloaded at their original location at

Current Version at time of writing - MZD-AIO-TI v2.7.9

ALL FW V55, V56, V58, AND V59 UP TO V59.00.504* ARE SUPPORTED

The following firmware versions are compatible.

  • 55.00.650A/753A/760A / 56.00.521A-NA(NA N)
  • 56.00.100A/230A/240B/511A/512A/513C/514A-ADR(4A N)
  • 56.00.100A/210A/230A/511A/512A/513A/513B/513C-EU
  • 56.00.401A/403A-JP / 59.00.445A-JP / 56.00.100A-CHN
  • 58.00.250A-NA(NA N) / 58.00.251A-ADR(4A N)
  • 59.00.326A/330A/342A/442A/443C/449A/450A-ADR(4A N)
  • 59.00.330A/441A/443A/446A/450A-NA(N NA)
  • 59.00.330A/331A/443C/447A/449A-EU

6 Replies to “Mazda AIO Tweak Tool & Android Auto”

  1. I have tried to install the package but for unknown reason when copying the file s over to the USB drive the car does not see the update. later on when reviewing your files to mine the config. file did not copy with the rest of the files. I also tried to delete the files and start over but again the config. file stopped me. Error you need admin permission it change this file. So now I have the Copy to USB folder stuck on my desktop . What to do?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve followed all the steps carefully, and waited for 20min after inserting the pen drive but nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions? Mazda CX3 10/2017

  3. Hello my name is Gerardo and I live in Mexico, I saw your tutorial and I have the usb ready with the files but I have a big problem. The AA app has deactivated the usb functions, that is, the usb are disabled in mazda connect. You know how to reactivate the usb in Mazda connect? My version was 55.00.753 before install de AA and after the version disappeared. I really need your help because I also disabled the GPS and voice connection

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